About the Company

Abraham Land Surveying has been serving South Carolina for nearly 40 years providing a suite of solutions from lot surveys for homebuilding to the use of GPS for benchmarking purposes and GIS infrastructure. We have established long-lasting relationships with individuals, families, multi-billion dollar corporations and governments by priding ourselves on being accurate and reliable. Whether your needs are large or small we would love to help you with your surveying needs.

We believe our family based values, years of experience and emphasis on modern technology will help us take care of your needs be they personal or business based. In fact we have many corporate clients that use us for their personal transactions as well.

Even in the harsh hours of economic downturns, we have moved forward steadily because our clientele continues to come back to us and has no desire to go elsewhere. We’d love to work with you and make you a client today, and most importantly to us, a client for the future as well.

Tad Abraham

Tad Abraham has been involved in the surveying industry his entire life. Watching and learning from his father he learned the value of being dependable, honest and determined. He has brought the latest cutting-edge technology to the firm. This has meant being among the first in South Carolina to implement Robotic Instrumentation, Reflectorless instrumentation, Static GPS, Dual-Frequency Dual-Constellation RTK GNSS and Virtual Reference System usage. Tad’s background in graphic communications has also allowed Abraham Land Surveying to provide significantly expanded graphical capabilities for our clients enhancing our Plats, Maps, Conceptual Plans and customer promotions.

Tom Abraham

Tom Abraham has been in the construction industry since the 1960’s including the Vietnam War with the US Navy Seabees, MCB74. Since that time he has had broad exposure to different aspects of surveying ranging from working with the USGS to being on the front end of survey control and QC for the construction of the V.C. Summer Nuclear Plant. When Tom first became self-employed the lions-share was local work for families in Newberry County, South Carolina. This is still a core part of our business and the basis of our strong reputation. To this day Tom is involved in the day-to-day operation of the company and enjoys getting his boots muddy.