Land Surveying

Abraham’s roots trace back to 1982, whens Tom Abraham began surveying in Newberry County, SC. Having retained and developed client relationships since then, our company has a stellar reputation in the field and can assist clients with projects including traditional surveying,  infrastructure inventories, wetlands delineations, and all sorts of other geomatic services.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services

For decades, our firm has provided clients with a plethora of GIS services, including the construction of geodatabases, georeferencing aerial imagery, developing topographic maps, mapping asset inventories, and even mapping indoors spaces, such as banquet centers, schools, and auditoriums.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Services

With hundreds of hours of flight time under our belt, we’re able to provide drone expertise in a variety of ways. Such skillsets allow us to provide clients with products that include ortho-imagery, LiDAR analysis, and project scouting reports.

Custom Software Application Development

We continually demonstrate an adept ability for making apps to suit a variety of our clients’ needs. Our team can develope apps to manage work orders for utility providers, manage tickets for 811 inquiries, map and provide information on parks and recreation areas, and/or promote a streamlined method of communication between the public and service organizations in times of crisis, in addition to virtually endless additional possibilities.