Rural Property

Rural property is increasingly rare; take care of it. Don’t buy large acreage without verifying the….wait for it… Acreage!!! We know it sounds crazy but you would be surprised how often people don’t get what they pay for. Depending on your contract there may not be any recourse after closing. The cost of a survey is minimal compared to the purchase price of your acreage while the benefits are huge. Correct acreage can be to your benefit not only when closing but also when your property is taxed. Paying for more acreage than what you get and then being taxed on the same incorrect acreage is insult to injury and completely avoidable.

Know your limits. What? Your boundaries of course! We can mark your boundary lines so you as well as your neighbors have a clear idea of what is what. Great for hunting season, crop planting, timber harvesting and planting or putting up fencing. We can mark the boundaries with flagging for starters but we can step it up to blazing and painting the trees or even placing t-posts or stakes on line.