iPad 3rd Generation Hits the Field!

iPad 3rd Generation Hits the Field!

Wow is the new third generation iPad something or what! We can’t wait and have them scheduled to be delivered to the office tomorrow on release day. As soon as they arrive on the big brown truck we’ll begin setting them up for field deployment. That’s right, released on Friday and put to work on Monday. Hope they are ready to be used! We’re thrilled to see what our CAD and GIS setups will look like on a 10″ Retina screen. Couple that with 4G connections that are almost ready to light up near our office and are already available in many areas we work in and beefier graphics power this will be a serious tool for us.

The iPad2’s have proven to be very reliable and quite potent for us and we cannot wait to take this to the next level!

Check in HERE for more info on the hardware. All of our iPad2’s are 3G capable and iPad3’s are 4G capable. On board radios and GPS are critical to our use therefore we do not use the wi-fi only models.

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