New equipment – Just in time!

New equipment – Just in time!

Topcon has newly released the HiPer SR “Site Rover” and we were among the first shipment in the country to try one of these new units out. Now we own two! That is in addition to our existing top of the line Survey-Grade GPS units; so we have rapidly deployed these to the field in order to help fullfill a huge demand for our services right now. The new HiPer SR’s have massive battery life and that is a huge benefit to us in the field not having to worry about another piece of equipment that needs battery babysitting.

Topcon’s HiPer SR receiver is a compact, lightweight, and completely integrated GNSS receiver for static and cable‐free stop‐and‐ go/kinematic applications.

The integrated receiver design includes a GNSS receiver board based on Vanguard™ technology, industry leading Fence Antenna™, internal long‐life batteries, memory storage, and topcon’s innovative LongLINK™ wireless communication technology. The HiPer SR delivers world‐class positioning and navigation capability to your application by tracking signals from multi‐constellation satellite systems, including GPS, GLONASS, and SBAS.

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